Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Maddux/Rizzuto Merger Completed

After what seemed like an eternity, the Maddux and Rizzuto worlds have completed their merger. The hope is that the carryover franchises will form the strongest baseball world in HBD. Commissioner drummer_66 and merge expert tdfactory worked tirelessly to make it happen, and we will soon see the the fruits of their labor.

The new world's name is Say Hey, in honor of one of baseball's greatest players, Willie Mays. It is made up of 20 former Maddux teams and 12 former Rizzuto teams. An interesting season awaits as the new world's owners will find out how they will fit in. Many may be in for a big surprise. Often a team's success in one world does not translate to another. 

With the merger complete, the off-season officially begins tomorrow, June 15th. Here are some key dates.

6/18-6/21 Free Agent Signings
6/23-6/28 Spring Training
6/30 Regular Season Begins

It will undoubtedly be an exciting 1st season. The World Blog is where you can always get caught up with the latest important news. All teams are encouraged to site mail Heinzkill with any of their news. Whether its about a player they want to move, an incredible hit streak occurring, or perhaps an organization torn on a decision. The World Blog will be the place to be, whether you're a GM or a fan.

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