Sunday, October 2, 2016

Say Hey Part Deux

Can it really be Season 2 already? Seems like just yesterday that tdfactory and I were exchanging late-night emails and working on the merger between the Maddux and Rizzuto worlds to create Say Hey.

In summary, I couldn't be happier with what has gone on. We only lost three owners from our inaugural group and we found three excellent successors. There was some great action via trades -- I honestly haven't seen that many trades executed in one preseason during my brief HBD tenure.

What I hope is that it all leads up to a great season as we build a foundation for a great future for this world.

The one small point of business is we have is two very modest rules.

1) Teams must reach 55 wins in a season and 120 over two seasons at the major-league level.

2) Rosters at each minor-league level must be kept in good health (total number of players and not abusing pitchers).

The advisory committee members will keep an eye out for violations, but I also ask that if any other owners see anything fishy, please let me know.

Enough of that.

Let's keep the chatter up as we embark on Season 2 of Say Hey!

Best of luck to everyone!